Could Disney’s Osborne Family Lights Show Come Back After All?

osborne family lights show disneyPhoto by ximinez

While most of us assumed the Osborne Family Lights Show had lit up the sky at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the last time with the closure of the Streets of America in favor of the new Star Wars Land, Orlando Weekly is reporting that may not be the case.

They are pointing to a strange listing on the DHS website that puts the light show in the newly created Muppets Courtyard. They hypothesize that this may be the first indication that the show will return this Christmas under a new name and in a new location.

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If you’ve ever been to Disney World during Christmas, you know they go all out with the celebration, so one can reasonably expect them to do some sort of Christmas light show somewhere in the confines of the resort. If not Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the article points to Disney Springs and ESPN’s Wide World of Sports as potential spots for the show. Personally, I think Disney Springs makes the most sense given that Disney would want the most foot traffic in their retail shopping area during the holidays.

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