Star Wars Movie News

star wars movie news

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It all started with a young filmmaker and a vision back in 1977. Never in George Lucas’ heart of hearts, could he have imagined just how monumentally big the Star Wars franchise would become.

Lucas sold his company, Lucasfilm, and the entire Star Wars franchise for slightly more than $4 billion in 2012. With that sale came a Star Wars renaissance, partially due to the legendary Disney marketing machine. Today, close to 40 years after the first movie graced the big screen, the Star Wars brand is stronger than ever.

Here are our recent Star Wars movie news updates. Specifically, we cover all of the previously released movies and TV shows:

As well as the many upcoming movies and shows including Episode 8, Rogue One, the Freemaker Adventures and more. A complete listing of release dates for upcoming Star Wars movies can be found here.

Star Wars Movie News