Disney CEO Bob Iger Agrees to Stay Longer

bob iger disney ceo

Image courtesy The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company announced today that their board of directors has extended the contract of Disney CEO, Bob Iger to July 2, 2019. Iger’s contract originally ran until 2018 and there has been quite a buzz around the business and entertainment worlds about who his successor would be. Former Disney COO, Tom Skaggs was assumed by many to be that person, but his surprising departure in 2016 put an end to those assumptions.

In his 11+ years as Disney CEO, Iger has overseen significant growth throughout the Disney empire. As the company points out in their press release announcement, Iger has steered the company to a growth in market capitalization (company value) from $46 billion to $177 billion. Clearly, this is good news for Disney fans.


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