A Stranger Among Us (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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A Stranger Among Us (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

A Stranger Among Us Details:

Melanie Griffith turns in a winning performance as detective Emily Eden, a tough New York City cop forced to go undercover to solve a puzzling murder. Her search for the truth takes her into a secret world of unwritten law and unspoken power, a world where the only way out is deeper in!


Key Cast:

  • Melanie Griffith — Emily Eden
  • Eric Thal — Ariel
  • Mia Sara — Leah
  • Tracy Pollan — Mara
  • John Pankow — Levine
  • Jamey Sheridan — Nick
  • James Gandolfini — Anthony Baldessari
  • Chris Latta — Christopher Baldessari
  • Jake Weber — Yaakov Klausman
  • David Margulies — Lt. Oliver
  • Rena Sofer — Shayna Singer

Key Crew:

  • Director: Sidney Lumet
  • Producers: Steve Golin, Howard Rosenman, Sigurjón Sighvatsson
  • Writer: Robert Avrech
$12.2 million