Advanced Training Lab (Disney World Attraction)

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Advanced Training Lab (Disney World Attraction)

Advanced Training Lab Description:

Further your astronaut training and even create a space-age postcard at this interactive play area next to Mission:SPACE.

Whether you’re returning from Mars or awaiting your favorite astronaut, decompress with an array of space-themed activities.

  • Mission: SPACE Race
    It’s astronauts versus ground control in a race to see who can send their rocket from Mars to Earth first. Up to 56 cadets can play at once. Whose team are you on?
  • Expedition Mars
    You’ve got 4 minutes to use a joystick and jet-pack button to explore the surface of Mars and find your 4 fellow astronauts. Good luck, cadet!
  • Space Base
    Junior space explorers will be inspired to reach for the stars and crawl into wormholes on this fun interactive playground.
  • Postcards from Space
    Create and e-mail a video postcard—starring you—to anyone in the universe you please.
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