Adventures in Wonderland (Disney Channel)

Adventures in Wonderland (Disney Channel)

Adventures in Wonderland description:

In Disney Channel’s Adventures in Wonderland, we get a contemporary (90’s)  take on the classic Lewis Carroll series of novels. In this interpretaion of the story, Alice uses her mirror to travel to Wonderland.

Key Cast Members:

  • Elisabeth Harnois: Alice
  • John Robert Hoffman: The Mad Hatter
  • Reece Holland: The MArch Hare
  • Armelia McQueen: The Red Queen
  • Patrick Richwood: The White Rabbit
  • Harry Waters Jr.: Tweedle Dee
  • Robert Barry Fleming: Tweedle Dum
  • Wesley Mann: The Caterpillar
  • Richard Kuhlman: The Cheshire Cat
  • John Lovelady: The Dormouse

Theme Song Video:

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