Almost Angels (1962 Movie)

Almost Angels (1962 Movie)

Almost Angels Description:

Set against the majestic backdrop of Vienna, Austria comes Almost Angels: a heartwarming tale of friendship, loyalty and perseverance. 12-year-old Tony struggles to fit in the famed Vienna Boys’ Choir when Peter, an older boy jealous of Tony’s talent, tries to get him thrown out. But Tony proves he’s a good friend when Peter’s voice changes and Tony hatches a plan to keep him in the Choir.

Key Cast Members:

  • Vincent Winter: Tony Fiala
  • Sean Scully: Peter Schaefer
  • Peter Weck: Max Heller
  • Hans Holt: Director Eisinger
  • Bruni Löbel: Frau Fiala
  • Fritz Eckhardt: Herr Fiala
  • Denis Gilmore: Friedel Schmidt
  • Hennie Scott: Ferdie
  • Gunther Philipp: Radio Announcer
  • Hans Christian: Choirmaster
  • Hermann Furthmosek: Choirmaster
  • Walter Regelsberger: Choirmaster

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