An Innocent Man (Touchstone Movie)

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An Innocent Man (Touchstone Movie)

An Innocent Man Details:

Tom Selleck turns in a riveting performance as Jimmie Rainwood, an average citizen whose life becomes a living nightmare when he’s framed by a pair of crooked cops and sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. With his life torn apart, Rainwood swears revenge, vowing to fight back and deliver justice to the dishonest cops who set him up — no matter what the price! Ultimately, Rainwood risks everything to recapture his normal life, and prove once and for all that he is an innocent man!

Key Cast:

  • Tom Selleck: Jimmie Rainwood
  • F. Murray Abraham: Virgil Caine
  • Laila Robins: Kate Rainwood
  • David Rasche: Mike Parnell
  • Richard Young: Danny Scalise
  • Badja Djola: John Fitzgerald
  • Bruce A. Young: Jingles
  • Dennis Burkley: Butcher
  • Todd Graff: Robby
  • M.C. Gainey: Malcolm
  • Lt. Mike Budge: Warden
  • Peter Van Norden: Peter Feldman
  • James T. Morris: Junior
  • Tobin Bell: Zeke

Key Crew:

  • Director: Peter yates
  • Producers: Ted Field and Robert Cort
  • Writer: Larry Brothers
$20 million

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