Annapolis (Touchstone Movie)

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Annapolis (Touchstone Movie)

Annapolis Details:

Filled with intense action, ANNAPOLIS is an inspirational tale of courage and honor that will keep you riveted. As hard as it is to get into the most elite military academy in the country, surviving behind its walls is beyond belief. Young Jake Huard (James Franco) has always known he has what it takes to make the grade. But once inside, everything Jake thought he knew is challenged in ways he never could have imagined. Standing between him and his lifelong ambition of becoming an officer in the U.S. Navy is his company commander — Midshipman Lt. Cole (Tyrese Gibson), a relentless and merciless battle-seasoned Marine. Thrilling and exhilarating, ANNAPOLIS reaffirms the power of believing in your dreams.

Key Cast:

  • James Franco: Midshipman 4th Class Jake Huard
  • Tyrese Gibson: Midshipman 1st Class/2nd Lieutenant Matthew Cole
  • Jordana Brewster: Midshipman 2nd Class Ali
  • Vicellous Reon Shannon: “Twins”\Marcus Nance
  • Roger Fan: Loo
  • Wilmer Calderon: Estrada
  • Donnie Wahlberg: Lieutenant Commander Burton
  • Chi McBride: McNally
  • Brian Goodman: Bill Huard
  • Billy Finnigan: Kevin
  • Rocco Rosanio: Jake’s Friend
  • Jim Parrack: A.J.
  • Charles Napier: Supt. Carter
  • Heather Henderson: Daniels
  • McCaleb Burnett: Whitaker
  • Matt Myers: Mr. Nance
  • John Fahy: Midshipman
  • Sam Winder: Flaming Midshipman

Key Crew:

  • Director: Justin Lin
  • Producers: Damien Saccani and Mark Vahradian
  • Writer: Dave Collard
$17.4 million