Big Trouble (Touchstone Movie)

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Big Trouble (Touchstone Movie)

Big Trouble Details:

Based on humorist Dave Barry’s best-selling first novel, BIG TROUBLE follows the comedic chaos created when a mysterious suitcase that threatens the security of Miami changes the lives of a divorced dad, an unhappy housewife, 2 hit men, a pair of street thugs, 2 love-struck teens, 2 FBI men, and a psychedelic toad. There is something for everyone no matter who is looking for BIG TROUBLE — and in the end, all-star comedy conquers all.

Key Cast:

  • Tim Allen: Eliot Arnold
  • Rene Russo: Anna Herk
  • Stanley Tucci: Arthur Herk
  • Ben Foster: Matt Arnold
  • Zooey Deschanel: Jenny Herk
  • Tom Sizemore and Johnny Knoxville: Snake Dupree and Eddie Leadbetter
  • Dennis Farina and Jack Kehler: Henry Desalvo and Leonard Ferroni
  • Janeane Garofalo: Officer Monica Romero
  • Patrick Warburton: Officer Walter Kramitz
  • Heavy D and Omar Epps: Special Agents Pat Greer and Alan Seitz
  • Jason Lee: Puggy
  • Sofía Vergara: Nina
  • Michael McShane: Bruce
  • DJ Qualls: Andrew Ryan
  • Andy Richter: Jack Pendick

Key Crew:

  • Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
  • Producers: Barry Sonnenfeld, Barry Josephson and Tom Jacobson
  • Screenplay: Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone
$8.5 million

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