Billy Bathgate (Touchstone Movie)

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Billy Bathgate (Touchstone Movie)

Billy Bathgate Details:

Academy Award® winner Dustin Hoffman stars in the action-packed gangster epic detailing the rise and fall of notorious mobster Dutch Schultz as seen through the eyes of his young protégé, Billy Bathgate. Billy, an ambitious streetwise kid seduced by the power, money, and glamour of crime, soon begins to seriously question if his passport to the good life is going to come from the fiery Dutch and his gang! Critically acclaimed and co-starring Bruce Willis and Nicole Kidman, BILLY BATHGATE delivers motion picture excitement you won’t want to miss!

Key Cast:

  • Dustin Hoffman: Arthur “Dutch Schultz” Flegenheimer
  • Nicole Kidman: Drew Preston
  • Loren Dean: Billy Bathgate
  • Bruce Willis: Bo Weinberg
  • Steven Hill: Otto Berman
  • Stanley Tucci: Lucky Luciano
  • Mike Starr: Big Julie Martin
  • Steve Buscemi: Irving
  • Frances Conroy: Mary Behan
  • Moira Kelly: Becky

Key Crew:

  • Director: Robert Benton
  • Producers: Robert Colesbury and Arlene Donovan
  • Screenplay: Tom Stoppard
$15.5 million

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