Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968 Movie)

Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968 Movie)

Blackbeard’s Ghost Description:

In the Disney classic film Blackbeard’s Ghost, Legendary Pirate Blackbeard, the once blackhearted scoundrel materializes in a small New England town, cursed to wander in limbo until he performs a good deed. He gets his chance when he decides to help a local college track team that hasn’t a ghost of a chance of winning!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Peter Ustinov as Captain Blackbeard
  • Dean Jones as Steve Walker
  • Suzanne Pleshette as Jo Anne Baker
  • Elsa Lanchester as Emily Stowecroft
  • Joby Baker as Silky Seymour
  • Elliott Reid as TV commentator
  • Richard Deacon as Principal Roland Wheaton
  • Norman Grabowski as Virgil
  • Kelly Thordsen as Motorcycle Cop
  • Michael Conrad as Pinetop Purvis
  • Herbie Faye as Croupier
  • George Murdock as Head official
  • Hank Jones as Gudger Larkin
  • Ned Glass as Teller
  • Gil Lamb as Waiter
  • Alan Carney as Bartender
  • Ted Markland as Charles
  • Lou Nova as Leon
  • Charlie Brill as Edward
  • Herb Vigran as Danny Oly
  • William Fawcett as Mr. Ainsworth
  • Betty Bronson as Old Lady
  • Elsie Baker as Old Lady
  • Kathryn Minner as Old Lady
  • Sara Taft as Old Lady
$21.5 million
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