Blood in Blood Out (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Blood in Blood Out (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Blood In Blood Out Details:

Now, from the director of THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE comes BLOOD IN … BLOOD OUT, a critically acclaimed modern-day epic. Within the rich and colorful Chicano culture of East Los Angeles, three cousins raised as brothers fiercely live by a generations-old tradition of family — a power stronger than law, a force deeper than friendship. In one life-shattering moment, the trio is torn apart, forcing them to follow three separate paths: one searching for truth in the law, one expressing his passion through art, and one finding power in prison. Yet through it all, family and honor keep their lives intertwined as each strives for survival and power!


Key Cast:

  • Damian Chapa: Miklo Velka
  • Jesse Borrego: Cruz Candelaria
  • Benjamin Bratt: Paco Aguilar
  • Enrique Castillo: Montana Oseguera
  • Delroy Lindo: Bonafide
  • Victor Rivers: Magic
  • Tom Towles: Red Ryder
  • Carlos Carrasco: Popeye
  • Theodore Wilson: Wallace
  • Raymond Cruz: Chuey
  • Valente Rodriguez: Frankie
  • Lanny Flaherty: Big Al
  • Billy Bob Thornton: Lightning
  • Danny Trejo: Geronimo
  • Victor Mohica: Mano
  • Luis Contreras: Realthing
  • Ving Rhames: Ivan
  • Richard Masur: Prison librarian
  • Thomas F. Wilson: Rollie McCann
  • Lupe Ontiveros: Carmen

Key Crew:

  • Director: Taylor Hackford
  • Producer: Taylor Hackford and Jerry Gershwin
  • Screenplay: Jimmy Santiago Baca, Jeremy Iacone, Floyd Mutrux
  • Music: Bill Conti
$4.49 million