Boys (Touchstone Movie)

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Boys (Touchstone Movie)

Boys Details:

Hot Hollywood favorite Winona Ryder (MR. DEEDS, GIRL, INTERRUPTED) stars in this compelling story of mystery and intrigue! On the run from her family, the police — and a terrible secret — an attractive young woman (Ryder) suddenly appears at an exclusive prep school, searching for a safe place to hide. But when a rebellious student (Lukas Haas — ZOOLANDER) helps to keep her identity a secret, they soon find themselves intimately involved … with time running out and the authorities closing in! With riveting performances and a thrilling, high-energy soundtrack, BOYS is big-screen entertainment you don’t want to miss! (source)

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Key Cast:

  • Winona Ryder: Patty Vare
  • Lukas Haas: John Baker, Jr.
  • John C. Reilly: Officer Kellogg Curry
  • James LeGros: Fenton Ray
  • Skeet Ulrich: Bud Valentine
  • Matt Malloy: Bartender
  • Spencer Vrooman: John Murphy
  • Charlie Hofheimer: John Cooke
  • Bill Sage: Officer Bill Martone
  • Marty McDonough: Teacher
  • Wiley Wiggins: John Phillips
  • Vivienne Shub: Frances
  • Russell Young: John Van Slieder
  • Christopher Pettiet: Jon Heinz
  • Catherine Keener: Jilly
  • Maddie Corman: Liz Curry
  • Andy Davis: Jonathan Marco
  • Jessica Harper: Mrs. John Baker
  • Chris Cooper: John Baker, Sr.
  • Christopher Pettiet: John Phillips

Key Crew:

  • Director: Stacy Cochran
  • Producers:Paul Feldsher, Peter Frankfurt and Erica Huggins
  • Writer: Stacy Cochran
  • Music: Stewart Copeland

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