Bubble Boy (Touchstone Movie)

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Bubble Boy (Touchstone Movie)

Bubble Boy Details:

Though he’s lived his entire life within the confines of a protective plastic bubble and under the ever-watchful eye of his overprotective mother (Swoosie Kurtz), Jimmy Livingston (Jake Gyllenhaal) never thought that he’d missed out on anything, until the girl next door (Marley Shelton) ran off to get married in Niagara Falls. With the wedding only days away, Jimmy has no choice but to build a mobile “bubble suit” and set off across the country to stop the wedding and confess his love to her!

Key Cast:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal: Jimmy Livingston
  • Swoosie Kurtz: Mrs. Livingston
  • Marley Shelton: Chloe
  • Danny Trejo: Slim
  • John Carroll Lynch: Mr. Livingston
  • Verne Troyer: Dr. Phreak
  • Dave Sheridan: Mark
  • Brian George: Pushpop
  • Patrick Cranshaw: Pappy/Pippy
  • Ever Carradine: Lisa
  • Beetlejuice: Lil’ Zip
  • Fabio Lanzoni: Gil
  • Zach Galifianakis: Bus Stop Man
  • Arden Myrin: Lorraine
  • Pablo Schreiber: Todd

Key Crew:

  • Director: Blair Hayes
  • Producers: Beau Flynn
  • Writers: Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio
$5 million

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