Butterflies – Disney Animals (Disney World Exhibit)

Butterflies – Disney Animals (Disney World Exhibit)

Butterflies – Disney Animals Description:

Be on the lookout as butterflies from 20,000 species from nearly every continent on the planet come and go throughout the year!

Where to Find Butterflies

Like all of our Walt Disney World Resort Guests—including butterflies—we love beautiful flowers!

Butterflies at Walt Disney World Resort
On warm, calm, sunny days, Guests can find wild butterflies throughout Walt Disney World Resort. The best way to see butterflies up-close is to spot them while they are drinking nectar from a flower. Many of our parks and Resort hotels have special flower gardens planted specifically to attract local butterfly species—and we are planning to plant many more!

Butterflies in the Wild
Butterflies can be found on every continent of the globe except Antarctica, and in a wide range of habitats, including wetlands, lowlands, temperate and tropical forests, mountains, farmlands—and your own backyard! Each species has its own habitat requirements based on the specific host plant the caterpillar needs to survive and pupate, and on the nectar source for the adult butterfly.

Threats to Butterflies
The greatest threats to butterflies are habitat change and loss due to residential, commercial and agricultural development. Climate change and pesticides are also threatening butterfly species and populations. (source)

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