Cadet Kelly (Disney Channel Original Movie)

Cadet Kelly (Disney Channel Original Movie)

Cadet Kelly Description:

In the Disney Channel Original Movie Cadet Kelly,  Kelly Collins, an artistic, fashion-minded teen is forced to go from flashy fab to olive drab at her new stepdad’s military academy in this delightful comedy. And it’s all-out war when she butts heads with Cadet Captain Stone, a tough-as-nails, by the book “commanding officer” determined to break her spirit.

Key Cast Members:

  • Hilary Duff: Kelly Joselyn Collins
  • Christy Carlson Romano: Cadet Captain Jennifer Oriana “Jenny” Stone
  • Gary Cole: General Joe “Sir” Maxwell
  • Andrea Lewis: Carla
  • Shawn Ashmore: Cadet Major Brad Rigby
  • Aimee Garcia: Gloria Ramos
  • Sarah Gadon: Amanda
  • Linda Kash: Samantha
  • Nigel Hamer: Adam
  • Avery Saltzman: Kevin
  • Joe Matheson: General Archer
  • Beverlee Buzon: Grace
  • Dalene Irvine: Marla
  • Desmond Campbell: Lt. Col. Ross
  • Tim Post: Col. Mikkelson
  • Christopher Tai: Sr. Cadet officer
  • Josh Wittig: Cadet bugler
  • Edie Inksetter: Math teacher
  • Stewart Arnott: Captain Lawrence
  • Lt. William T. Bates Military Advisor
  • Martin Roach: Drill instructor
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