Camp Nowhere (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Camp Nowhere (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Camp Nowhere Details:

Get ready to laugh when funnyman Christopher Lloyd lights up the screen as a hilarious one-man cast of characters in this rip-roaring comedy hit! Lloyd stars as an out-of-work actor lassoed into service by a group of thrill-seeking teens. They’re out to create the summer camp of their dreams — a place with no parents, no counselors, and no rules! With Lloyd’s off-the-wall nuttiness in his funniest role yet, it’s nonstop laughs at the wackiest summer camp ever!


Key Cast:

  • Jonathan Jackson: Morris “Mud” Himmel
  • Christopher Lloyd: Dennis Van Welker
  • Melody Kay: Gaby Nowicki
  • Andrew Keegan: Zack Dell
  • Marnette Patterson: Trish Prescott
  • Wendy Makkena: Dr. Celeste Dunbar
  • Thomas F. Wilson: Lt. Eliot Hendricks
  • Hillary Tuck: Betty Stoller
  • Devin Neil Oatway: Tim
  • Allison Mack: Heather
  • Jessica Alba: Gail
  • Michael Zorek: Chez Cheez Guy
  • Ian Christopher Scott: Warren
  • Nathan Cavaleri: Steve
  • Heather DeLoach: Eileen
  • Paige Andree: Jill
  • Leah Theresa Hanner: Debbie
  • Mooky Arizona: Arnold Spiegel
  • Kazz Wingate IV: Pete
  • Kellen McLaughlin: J.D.
  • Brian Wagner: Lenny
  • Joshua G. Mayweather: Walter
  • Nicolas Friedman: Ricky
  • Alyssa Poblador: Nicole
  • Krystle and Tiffany Mataras: Amber and Ashley
  • Peter Scolari: Donald Himmel
  • Romy Windsor: Nancy Himmel
  • M Emmet Walsh: T.R. Polk
  • Ray Baker: Norris Prescott
  • Kate Mulgrew: Rachel Prescott
  • John Putch: Neil Garbus
  • Burgess Meredith: Fein
  • Maryedith Burrell: Gwen Nowicki
  • Genie Francis: Mrs. Spiegel
  • Jonathan Frakes: Bob Spiegel
  • Peter Onorati: Karl Dell

Key Crew:

  • Director: Jonathan Prince
  • Producer: Michael Peyser
  • Writers: Andrew Kurtzman and Elliot Wald
$10.4 million