Can’t Buy Me Love (Touchstone Movie)

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Can’t Buy Me Love (Touchstone Movie)

Can’t Buy Me Love Description:

Nowhere-man Ronny Miller is secretly in love with Cindy Mancini, the prettiest, most popular girl on campus. When Cindy finds herself in a desperate predicament, Ronny steps to save the day – for a price! Cindy must pose as Ronny’s girl so that her popularity might rub off on him. But the road to popularity takes an unexpected twist when Ronny becomes so “cool” that his former friends feel the chill. Cindy is left totally out in the cold, and Ronny himself discovers that might buy you popularity, but it can’t buy you love! (source)

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  • Patrick Dempsey: Ronald Miller
  • Amanda Peterson: Cindy Mancini
  • Tina Caspary: Barbara
  • Darcy DeMoss: Patty
  • Cort McCown: Quint
  • Eric Bruskotter: Big John
  • Gerardo Mejía: Ricky
  • Courtney Gains: Kenneth Wurman
  • Seth Green: Chuck Miller
  • Sharon Farrell: Mrs. Mancini
  • Dennis Dugan: David Miller
  • Cloyce Morrow: Judy Miller
  • Devin DeVasquez: Iris
  • Ami Dolenz: Fran
  • Will Hannah: Camera Salesman
  • Lisa Givens: Bambi La Brock


  • Director: Steve Roth
  • Producer: Thom Mount
  • Writer: Michael Swerdick
$31.6 million
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