Corky Romano (Touchstone Movie)

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Corky Romano (Touchstone Movie)

Corky Romano Details:

Chris Kattan, Peter Falk, Peter Berg, and Chris Penn star in this hilarious, fish-out-of-water comedy caper. Naive, bumbling Corky Romano (Kattan), the outcast son of a Mafia boss (Falk), is recruited by his family to infiltrate the FBI and steal any and all evidence that will put his cranky father in jail. But he’s in way over his head when he’s made out to be a super agent! It’s a reputation he must live up to as he tries to fake his way through one tough assignment after another while hunting for the elusive incriminating proof of his father’s illegal activities.

Key Cast:

  • Chris Kattan: Corky Romano
  • Vinessa Shaw: Agent Kate Russo
  • Peter Falk: Francis A. “Pops” Romano
  • Peter Berg: Paulie Romano
  • Chris Penn: Peter Romano
  • Fred Ward: Leo Corrigan
  • Matthew Glave: Agent Brick Davis
  • Richard Roundtree: Howard Shuster
  • Roger Fan: Agent Bob Cox
  • Dave Sheridan: Agent Terrence Darnell
  • Michael Massee: Angry Gunman
  • Vincent Pastore: Tony
  • Zach Galifianakis: Computer Hacker Dexter
  • Rena Mero: Female Bouncer

Key Crew:

  • Director: Rob Pritts
  • Producers: Robert Simonds
  • Writers: David Garrett and Jason Ward
$23.9 million

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