Country (1984 Movie)

Country (1984 Movie)

Country Description:

In Disney’s 1984 film Country, Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard are Jewell and Gil Ivy. They work the land in America’s heartland, on a farm that has bound their family together for generations. For Jewell and Gil, the land has always been their life. So when the government bureaucrats decide to take it all away, there’s only one decision the family can make … the Ivys are staying.

Key Cast Members:

  • Jessica Lange: Jewell Ivy
  • Sam Shepard: Gilbert “Gil” Ivy
  • Wilford Brimley: Otis
  • Matt Clark: Tom McMullen
  • Therese Graham: Marlene Ivy
  • Levi L. Knebel: Carlisle Ivy
  • Jim Haynie: Arlon Brewer
  • Sandra Seacat: Louise Brewer
  • Alex Harvey: Fordyce
  • Stephanie Stacie-Poyner: Missy Ivy
$9.64 million