Country Bear Jamboree (Disney World Show)

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Country Bear Jamboree (Disney World Show)

Country Bear Jamboree Description:

Have a knee-slappin’ good time at the Country Bear Jamboree: a jolly country-and-western show starring a hilarious bunch of singing bears. Clap your hands and sing along with the Country Bears to a medley of country ditties.

Drop into the rustic frontier cabin known as “Grizzly Hall,” and make your way through a cozy lobby, where classic portraits of performers past and present mingle with a collection of musical instruments. Step inside the charming theater—home to 5 stages brimming with decorative wood-carved prosceniums and hanging red curtains—and take a seat before the lights dim.

A Hilarious Hoedown 
Join a lifelike cast of 18 hillbilly bears as they perform—through the magic of Audio-Animatronics—a 16-minute, foot-stompin’, back-slappin’ musical revue celebrating America’s country-western heritage. Clap along to original and classic country tunes during this fun-filled hootenanny, and behold the zaniest group of bears the world has ever known, as they display their musical know-how.

Overflowing with humor and heart plus a few surprises, this crowd favorite features an uplifting down-home, southern sensibility your whole family is sure to love. (source)

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  • Country Bear Jamboree (Disney World Show)
  • Country Bear Jamboree (Disney World Show)
  • Country Bear Jamboree (Disney World Show)
  • Country Bear Jamboree (Disney World Show)

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