Crossing the Bridge (Touchstone Movie)

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Crossing the Bridge (Touchstone Movie)

Crossing the Bridge Details:

Through thick and thin, Mort, Tim, and Danny were friends. Now they’re putting everything on the line with a dangerous drug-smuggling venture promising high-stakes consequences. The trio’s about to leave their fun, carefree days behind to face a moment of truth. Their decision will not only determine their freedom, but the future of their lives!

Key Cast:

  • Jason Gedrick: Tim Reese
  • Stephen Baldwin: Danny Morgan
  • Josh Charles: Mort Golden
  • Jeffrey Tambor: Uncle Alby
  • David Schwimmer: John Anderson
  • Cheryl Pollak: Carol Brockton
  • Richard Edson: Mitchell
  • Abraham Benrubi: Rinny
  • Ken Jenkins: Lou Golden
  • Rita Taggart: Kate Golden

Key Crew:

  • Director:
  • Producer:

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