Dead Poets Society (1989 Movie)

Dead Poets Society (1989 Movie)

Dead Poets Society Description:

In Touchstone Pictures’ Dead Poets Society, Academy Award winner Robin Williams stars as a teacher who inspires his students to live their lives to the fullest and “Carpe Diem.” But when tragedy strikes, his lessons are put to the test.

Key Cast Members:

  • Robin Williams: John Keating
  • Robert Sean Leonard: Neil Perry
  • Ethan Hawke: Todd Anderson
  • Josh Charles: Knox Overstreet
  • Gale Hansen: Charlie Dalton
  • Norman Lloyd: Headmaster Gale Nolan
  • Kurtwood Smith: Mr. Perry
  • Dylan Kussman: Richard Cameron
  • James Waterston: Gerard Pitts
  • Allelon Ruggiero: Steven Meeks
  • Alexandra Powers: Chris Noel
  • Leon Pownall: McAllister
  • George Martin: Dr. Hager
$235.8 million
Won Academy Award; Nominated Golden Globes

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