Deceived (Touchstone Movie)

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Deceived (Touchstone Movie)

Deceived Details:

Goldie Hawn delivers a critically acclaimed performance as Adrienne Saunders, someone whose perfect life as a wife, mother, and career woman disintegrates into a confusing world of betrayal and deception. After her husband (John Heard) apparently dies in a mysterious auto accident, Adrienne discovers a series of shocking truths about him — and chilling evidence of a deadly scheme that threatens her life! From the first startling plot twist to the heart-stopping climax, DECEIVED is a riveting suspense-filled thriller that will entertain you in the spirit of Hitchcock’s best!

Key Cast:

  • Goldie Hawn: Adrienne Saunders
  • Damon Redfern: Maitre d’
  • John Heard: Jack Saunders, Frank Sullivan, and Dan Sherman
  • Robin Bartlett: Charlotte, Adrienne’s business partner
  • Ashley Peldon: Mary Saunders
  • Beatrice Straight: Adrienne’s mother
  • George R. Robertson: Adrienne’s father
  • Tom Irwin: Harvey Schwartz
  • Jan Rubeš: Tomasz
  • Anais Granofsky: Ellen
  • Heidi Von Palleske: Mrs. Peabody
  • Stanley Anderson: Detective Kinsella
  • Francesca Butler: Lillian
  • Bruce MacVittie: Social Security Man
  • Amy Wright: Evelyn Saunders
  • Kate Reid: Rosalie Sullivan

Key Crew:

  • Director: Damian Harris
  • Producers: Ellen Collett, Wendy Dozoretz and Michael Finnell
  • Writers: Mary Agnes Donoghue and Bruce Joel Rubin
$28.7 million

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