Descendants 3 (Disney Channel Original Movie)

Descendants 3 (Disney Channel Original Movie)

Descendants 3 Details:

Big news broke tonight on the Disney Channel during the debut of Disney’s Zombies. There is going to be a Descendants 3 in 2019! Here is what we know:

Descendants 3 Release Date:

Descendants 3 will debut on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW on Friday, August 2, 2019 at 8pm.


It seems that most, if not all, of our favorite characters from Descendants 2 will be returning, including Dove Cameron as Mal, Cameron Boyce as Carlos, Sofia Carson as Evie, Booboo Stewart as Jay, Mitchell Hope as King Ben and China Anne McClain as Uma.

We also know that Cheyenne Jackson will be joining the cast as Hades, the villain from Hercules. Additionally, Jamal Sims will play Dr. Facilier (Princess and the Frog) Jadah Marie will play Dr. Facilier’s daughter Celia and Christian Convery and Luke Roessler have been signed up to play Smee’s sons Squeaky and Squirmy.

Here is a bit more about the Descendants 3 cast and the newcomers:

Descendants 3 Plot:

Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (BooBoo Stewart) return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. When a barrier breach jeopardizes the safety of Auradon during their departure off the Isle, Mal resolves to permanently close the barrier, fearing that nemeses Uma (China Anne McClain) and Hades (Cheyenne Jackson) will wreak vengeance on the kingdom. Despite her decision, an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon, and it’s up to Mal and the VKs to save everyone in their most epic battle yet.

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  • Dove Cameron: Mal (daughter of Maleficent)
  • Cameron Boyce: Carlos (son of Cruella De Vil)
  • Sofia Carson: Evie (daughter of The Evil Queen)
  • Booboo Stewart: Jay (son of Jafar)
  • Mitchell Hope: Ben (son of Belle and Beast)
  • China Anne McClain: Uma (daughter of Ursula)
  • Brenna D’Amico: Jane (daughter of the Fairy Godmother)
  • Melanie Paxson: the Fairy Godmother
  • Jedidiah Goodacre: Chad Charming (son of Cinderella and Prince Charming)
  • Zachary Gibson: Doug (son of Dopey the Dwarf)
  • Sarah Jeffery: Princess Audrey (daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip)
  • Thomas Doherty: Harry Hook (son of Captain Hook)
  • Dylan Playfair: Gil (son of Gaston)
  • Anna Cathcart: Dizzy Tremaine (daughter of Drizella Tremaine)
  • Dan Payne: the Beast
  • Keegan Connor Tracy: Belle
  • Judith Maxie: Queen Leah (Princess Audrey’s grandmother)
  • Jadah Marie: Celia (the daughter of Dr. Facilier)
  • Jamal Sims: Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog
  • Cheyenne Jackson: Hades (the ruler of the underworld)
  • Christian Convrey: Squeaky (one of the twin sons of Smee)
  • Luke Roessler: Squirmy (one of the twin sons of Smee)
  • Director: Kenny Ortega
  • Producer: Wendy Japhet
  • Writers: Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriot
Disney Channel
Summer 2019

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