Ernest Scared Stupid (Touchstone Movie)

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Ernest Scared Stupid (Touchstone Movie)

Ernest Scared Stupid Details:

Everybody’s favorite know-it-all, Ernest P. Worrell, scares up heaps of hilarious laughs in this frightfully funny comedy! The loveable lunkhead is in for a devil of a time when he accidentally unleashes an evil demon from its sacred tomb, causing the awakened foe to go on a devastating rampage. Ernest desperately attempts to prevent the destruction of town, but a 200-year-old curse renders Ernest Scared Stupid! And that’s when the fun and adventure begin! Loaded with uproarious hilarity, and a host of outrageously kooky characters, this treat delivers off-the-wall nuttiness that’s sure to drive you wild any time of the year!

Key Cast:

  • Jim Varney: Ernest P. Worrell, Bunny Worrell, Auntie Nelda, and others
  • Eartha Kitt: Francis “Old Lady” Hackmore
  • Austin Nagler: Kenny Binder
  • Shay Astar: Elizabeth
  • Alec Klapper: Joey
  • John Cadenhead: Tom Tulip
  • Bill Byrge: Bobby Tulip
  • Richard Woolf: Matt Murdock
  • Nick Victory: Mike Murdock
  • Jonas Moscartolo: Trantor
  • Ernie Fosselius: Trantor (voice)
  • Daniel Butler: Sheriff Cliff Binder
  • Esther Huston: Amanda Binder
  • Larry Black: Mayor Murdock
  • Denice Hicks: Elizabeth’s mother
  • Jackie Welch: Teacher
  • Barkley: Rimshot

Key Crew:

  • Director: John Cherry
  • Producers: Stacy Williams, Martin Erichman and Coke Sams
  • Screenplay: Charlie Gale and Coke Sams
$14.1 million

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