Escape From The Dark (1977 Movie)

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Escape From The Dark Description:

In Disney’s Escape From The Dark, when the owner of a coal mine pit decides to destroy the ponies and replace them with steam engines, three children hatch an ingenious plan to rescue the animals. After they’re caught “horsenapping,” all looks lost when the mine explodes, trapping the miners below, and only the ponies can save them. Will the town decide to save the ponies?

Key Cast Members:

  • Alastair Sim: Lord Harrogate
  • Peter Barkworth: Richard Sandman
  • Maurice Colbourne: Luke Armstrong
  • Susan Tebbs: Violet Armstrong
  • Andrew Harrison: Dave Sadler
  • Chloe Franks: Alice Sandman
  • Benjie Bolgar: Tommy Sadler
  • Prunella Scales: Mrs. Sandman
  • Leslie Sands: Foreman Sam Carter
  • Joe Gladwin: Bert
  • Jeremy Bulloch: Ginger
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