First Kid (1996 Movie)

First Kid (1996 Movie)

First Kid Description:

In Disney’s live action comedy First Kid, Sam Simms, a wisecracking Secret Service agent is assigned to protect the President’s rebellious 14-year old son Luke. Simms would much rather be protecting the President, and Luke would prefer to be just a regular kid without a watchdog trailing him everywhere he goes. But when Luke’s mysterious Internet buddy convinces him to ditch his bodyguard in a crowded mall, the fun and games suddenly become a matter of life and death!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Sinbad: Sam Simms
  • Brock Pierce: Luke Davenport
  • James Naughton: President Paul Davenport
  • Timothy Busfield: Agent Woods
  • Art LaFleur: Morton
  • Robert Guillaume: Wilkes
  • Lisa Eichhorn: Linda Davenport
  • Blake Boyd: Dash
  • Erin Williby: Katie Warren
  • Zachery Ty Bryan: Rob MacArthur
  • Bill Cobbs: Speet
  • Tomas Arana: Harold
  • Sonny Bono in a cameo appearance: himself.
  • Bill Clinton in a cameo appearance: himself.
$26.5 million
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