Frank McKlusky C.I. (Touchstone Movie)

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Frank McKlusky C.I. (Touchstone Movie)

Frank McKlusky C.I. Details:

In FRANK McKLUSKY C.I., Daredevil McKlusky (Randy Quaid) ends up in a coma after another botched stunt. After his son Frank McKlusky (Dave Sheridan) and Frank’s mom (Dolly Parton) get scammed in an insurance fraud, young Frank grows up to become a claims inspector, vowing to protect the innocent from scams big and small. When Frank’s partner gets knocked off in a suspicious “accident,” it’s up to Frank to get into disguise and undercover in order to solve the most important case of his career.

Key Cast:

  • Dave Sheridan: Frank McKlusky
  • Cameron Richardson: Sharon Webber
  • Randy Quaid: “Madman” McKlusky
  • Dolly Parton: Edith McKlusky
  • Kevin Farley: Jimmy
  • Orson Bean: Mr. Gafty
  • Chyna: Freeda
  • Kevin Pollak: Ronnie Rosengold
  • Tracy Morgan: Reggie Rosengold
  • Andy Richter: Herb
  • Scott Baio, Emmanuel Lewis, Gary Coleman, Willie Tyler & Lester, Lou Ferrigno and Gary Owens: themselves

Key Crew:

  • Director: Arlene Sanford
  • Producers: Robert Simonds
  • Screenplay: Mark Perez

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