Gigantosaurus (Disney Junior Show)

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Gigantosaurus (Disney Junior Show)

Gigantosaurus Description:

In Disney Junior’s newest show, four young dinosaurs Rocky, Bill, Tiny and Mazu explore a prehistoric world of adventure where the most exciting mystery of all is Gigantosaurus, the biggest and fiercest dinosaur anyone has ever seen!

Key Cast:

  • Benjamin Jacobson: Marshall
  • Asia Mattu: Rugo
  • Dylan Schombing: Rocky
  • Aine Sunderland: Tiny
  • Nicholas Holmes: Bill

Key Crew Members:

  • Director: Olivier Lelardoux
  • Producer: Pierre Sissmann
  • Associate Producers: Dominique Bourse and Olivier Lelardoux

Episode List:

  • Mazu Takes a Chance
  • The Lost Egg
  • Saving Ayati
  • The Crevice
  • The Island
  • Don’t Cave In
  • Because Triceratops
  • Rock Out
  • Air Archie
  • The Imitator
  • The Biggest Hero
  • Think Quick
  • Please Don’t Pick the Flowers
  • No Joke
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  • Gigantosaurus (Disney Junior Show)

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