Good Morning Vietnam (1987 Touchstone Movie)

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Good Morning Vietnam (1987 Touchstone Movie)

Good Morning Vietnam Description:

In this classic Touchstone Pictures film, Robin Williams delivers his quintessential comedic performance as Army DJ Adrian Cronauer. Deployed to Vietnam to host a morning radio show, Cronauer’s hilarious rants are a hit with the troops in the field but a headache for his by-the-book superiors.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Robin Williams: Adrian Cronauer
  • Forest Whitaker: Edward Garlick
  • Tung Thanh Tran: Tuan
  • Chintara Sukapatana: Trinh
  • Bruno Kirby: Lt. Steven Hauk
  • Robert Wuhl: Marty Lee Dreiwitz
  • T. Walsh: Sgt. Major Dickerson
  • Noble Willingham: Gen. Taylor
  • Richard Edson: Pvt. Abersold
  • Richard Portnow: Dan “The Man” Levitan
  • Floyd Vivino: Eddie Kirk
  • Juney Smith: Sergeant Phil McPherson
$123.9 million
Nominated Academy Awards; Won Golden Globe

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