Goof Troop (Disney Afternoon Show)

Goof Troop (Disney Afternoon Show)

Goof Troop Description:

Goof Troop was a popular Disney Afternoon children’s show that ran from 1992-1993.

Goofy, his son Max, their grumpy neighbor Pete and his son P.J. team up for laughter and excitement in these hilarious tales your family will want to watch over and over again. Whether they’re on the run from space invaders, diving for buried treasure or discovering the joys of being a family, Goofy and his pals will always stick together. (source)

Key Cast Members:

  • Bill Farmer: Goofy
  • Jim Cummings: Pete
  • Dana Hill: Max
  • April Winchell: Peg Pete
  • Rob Paulsen: Pete Jr
  • Nancy Cartwright: Pistol Pete
  • Frank Welker: Waffles. Chainsaw
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Video credit: AnimDailies via YouTube

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