Green Card (Touchstone Movie)

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Green Card (Touchstone Movie)

Green Card Details:

A mutual friend arranges a marriage of convenience for Frenchman George Faure and Brontë Parrish, a native New Yorker. George needs a green card in order to remain in the United States, while Brontë, a horticulturist, has found the perfect apartment with a green-house, but it is only available to a married couple. After a swift legal ceremony, each getting what they want, they part with the intention of never seeing each other again. However, a government investigation brings them back together, and despite initial irritation and incompatibility, the two begin to make some interesting discoveries about themselves and the nature of romance.

Key Cast:

  • Gérard Depardieu: Georges Fauré
  • Andie MacDowell: Brontë Parrish
  • Bebe Neuwirth: Lauren Adler
  • Gregg Edelman: Phil
  • Robert Prosky: Brontë’s lawyer
  • Lois Smith: Brontë’s mother
  • Ann Dowd: Peggy
  • Larry Wright: Larry Wright the bucket drummer
  • Ethan Phillips: Gorsky

Key Crew:

  • Music: Hans Zimmer
$29.8 million
Nominated Academy Award; Won Golden Globes

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