Halloweentown High (Disney Channel Original Movie)

Halloweentown High (Disney Channel Original Movie)

Halloweentown High Description:

In the Disney Channel Original Movie Halloweentown High, when Marnie convinces the Halloweentown Council to send several teenagers to her high school in the mortal world, she even promises to give up her magic if any harm comes to them. But soon, Marnie and her new friends are in trouble and out of luck when the evil Knight Of The Iron Dagger appears.

Key Cast Members:

  • Kimberly J. Brown: Marnie Piper
  • Debbie Reynolds: Agatha “Aggie” Cromwell
  • Joey Zimmerman: Dylan Piper
  • Emily Roeske: Sophie Piper
  • Judith Hoag: Gwen Piper
  • Lucas Grabeel: Ethan Dalloway
  • Michael Flynn: Edgar Dalloway
  • Finn Wittrock: Cody
  • Eliana Reyes: Cassie
  • Clifton Davis: Principal Phil Flannigan
  • Todd Michael Schwartzman: Pete the werewolf
  • Clayton Taylor: Chester’s human disguise
  • Olesya Rulin: Natalie the pink troll
  • Bob Lanoue: Bobby the gremlin
  • Jeff Olson: the six-armed man
  • Frank Gerrish: a pumpkin head
  • Mowava Pryor: a vampire
  • Aaron Justesen: a mummy
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