Herbie Goes Bananas (1980 Movie)

Herbie Goes Bananas (1980 Movie)

Herbie Goes Bananas Description:

Herbie, everyone’s favorite “love bug,” demonstrates his special brand of “car-isma” and high-octane humor in this action-packed, stunt-filled comedy outing. The fun begins when Herbie sets sail for Rio de Janeiro’s Grande Premio racing competition with his two new owners.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Cloris Leachman: Aunt Louise Trends
  • Charles Martin Smith: Davy “D.J.” Johns
  • John Vernon: Prindle
  • Stephen W. Burns: Peter “Pete” Stancheck
  • Elyssa Davalos: Melissa
  • Joaquin Garay III: Paco
  • Harvey Korman: Captain Blythe
  • Richard Jaeckel: Shepard
  • Alex Rocco: Quinn
  • Fritz Feld: Chief Steward
  • Vito Scotti: Armando Moccia
  • Jose Gonzales-Gonzales: Garage Owner
  • Ruben Moreno: Store Owner
  • Tina Menard: Store Owner’s Wife
  • Jorge Moreno: Bus Driver
  • Allan Hunt: Canal Operator #2
  • Tom Scott: Canal Operator #2
  • Hector Morales: Mexican General
  • Iris Adrian: Loud American Wife
  • Ceil Cabot: Mrs. Purkiss
  • Pat Van Patten: Cigarette Guest
  • Jack Perkins: Loud American
  • Henry Slate: Off-Watch Officer
  • Ernie Fuentes: Native
  • Antonio Trevino: Pigeon Owner
  • Dante D’Andre: Dr. De Moraes
  • Alma Beltran: General’s Wife
  • Dolores Aguirre: General’s Daughter #1
  • Aurora Coria: General’s Daughter #2
  • Alex Tinne: Local #1
  • Don Diamond: Local #2
  • Warde Donovan: Maitre d’
  • Ray Victor: Guard Attendant
  • Bert Santos: Policeman #3
  • Buddy Joe Hooker: Chef
  • Steve Boyum: Panama Policeman
  • Kenny Endoso: Mexican Policeman
  • Mario Cisneros: Puetro Vallarta Policeman
  • Jeff Ramsey: The Matador
  • John Meier: Ship’s Officer
$18 million
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