High School Musical (Disney+ TV Series)

High School Musical (Disney+ TV Series)

High School Musical Disney+ Series Description:

In the new High School Musical Disney+ series, we’ll be getting to know characters like the class clown Ricky, a senior who loves musical theatre named Nini, an entrepreneurial student named E.J., a new student named Ashlyn, Ricky’s BFF Big Red, the ambitious Gina, a student choreographer named Vikram, and the energetic and mysterious new drama teacher of East High, Miss Jenn! (source)

Key Cast Members:

  • Ricky: Joshua Bassett
  • Nini: Olivia Rodrigo
  • Miss Jenn: Kate Reinders
  • Gina: Sofia Wylie
  • EJ: Matt Cornett
  • Kourtny: Dara Renee’
  • Ashlynn: Julia Lester
  • Carlos: Frankie Rodriguez
  • Big Red: Larry Saperstein
  • Mr Mazzara: Mark St. Cyr

Key Crew Members:

  • Choreographer: Zach Woodlee
  • Executive Producers: Tim Federle, Bill Borden, Barry Rosenbush and Oliver Goldstick
  • Director: Tamra Davis

Show Poster:

High School Musical disney+

Much more will be added to this post as the series’ debut nears and more details are released.

  • High School Musical (Disney+ TV Series)

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