Holes (2003 Movie)

Holes (2003 Movie)

Holes Description:

Dogged by bad luck stemming from an ancient family curse, young Stanley Yelnats is sent to Camp Green Lake, a very weird place that’s not green and doesn’t have a lake. Once there, he’s thrown headlong into the adventure of his life when he and his colorful campmates – Squid, Armpit, Zigzag, Magnet, X-Ray, and Zero – must dig a hole a day to keep the warden at bay. But why?

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Key Cast Members:

  • Sigourney Weaver: Louise Walker
  • Jon Voight: Marion “Mr. Sir” Sevillo
  • Patricia Arquette: Katherine “Kissin’ Kate” Barlow
  • Tim Blake Nelson: Dr. Kiowa “Mom” Pendanski
  • Shia LaBeouf: Stanley “Caveman” Yelnats IV
  • Khleo Thomas: Hector “Zero” Zeroni
  • Brenden Jefferson: Rex “X-Ray”
  • Jake M. Smith: Alan “Squid”
  • Byron Cotton: Theodore “Armpit”
  • Miguel Castro: José “Magnet”
  • Max Kasch: Ricky “Zigzag”
  • Dulé Hill: Sam the Onion Man
  • Henry Winkler: Stanley Yelnats III
  • Siobhan Fallon Hogan: Tiffany Yelnats
  • Nathan Davis: Stanley Yelnats II
  • Noah Poletiek: Brian “Twitch”
  • Rick Fox: Clyde “Sweet Feet” Livingston
  • Scott Plank: Charles “Trout” Walker
  • Eartha Kitt: Madame Zeroni
  • Roma Maffia: Atty. Carla Morengo
  • Zane Holtz: Louis “Barf Bag”
  • Shelley Malil: the Yelnats’ Landlord
  • Damien Luvara: Elya Yelnats
  • Sanya Mateyas: Myra Menke
  • Ravil Isyanov: Morris Menke
  • Ken Davitian: Igor Barkov
  • Steve Koslowski: Lump
  • Michael Cavanaugh: Judge Austin Gorg
$71.4 million
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