Hot Lead And Cold Feet (1978 Movie)

Hot Lead And Cold Feet (1978 Movie)

Hot Lead And Cold Feet Description:

In Disney’s Hot Lead And Cold Feet, a two-gun terror and his terrified twin brother turn an old cowtown upside down. A blazing, rip-roaring, riotous saga of brotherly competition in a winner-take-all battle for an inheritance.

Key Cast Members:

  • Jim Dale: Jasper Bloodshy/Wild Billy Bloodshy/Eli Bloodshy
  • Karen Valentine: Jenny, a teacher
  • Don Knotts: Sheriff Denver Kid
  • Darren McGavin: Mayor Ragsdale
  • Jack Elam: Rattlesnake
  • Dallas McKennon: Saloon Man
  • John Williams: Mansfield
  • Warren Vanders: Boss Snead
  • Debbie Lytton: Roxanne
  • Michael Sharrett: Marcus
  • David Cass: Jack
  • Richard Wright: Pete
  • Don “Red” Barry: Bartender
  • Jimmy Van Patten: Jake
  • Gregg Palmer: Jeff
  • Ed Bakey: Joshua
  • John Steadman: Old Codger
  • Eric Server: Cowboy
  • Paul Lukather: Cowboy
  • Hap Lawrence: Cowboy
  • Robert Rothwell: Cowboy
  • Terry Nichols: Prisoner
  • Stanley Clements: Saloon Man
  • Don Brodie: Saloon Man
  • Warde Donovan: Saloon Man
  • Ron Honthaner: Saloon Man
  • Norland Benson: Farmer
  • Jack Bender: Farmer
  • Jim Whitecloud: Indian Chief
  • Brad Weston: Indian
  • Russ Fast: Official
  • Mike Howden: Official
  • Art Burke: Official
  • James Michaelford: Dead-Eye
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