Journey into Imagination with Figment (Disney World)

Journey into Imagination with Figment (Disney World)
Walt Disney World
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Figment the playful, purple dragon is your guide on this whimsical ride through the Imagination Institute.
Climb aboard your carriage and get ready for surprises galore as you travel through Dr. Channing’s sensory labs. Little ones will love learning and laughing about the 5 senses—sound, sight, smell, touch and taste—on this madcap musical tour with Figment.

Listen, Look and Let the Smeller Beware!
The Institute’s beleaguered chairman Dr. Nigel Channing (played by Eric Idle) sets out to prove how the 5 senses capture the imagination but is upstaged by the mischievous Figment, who sabotages the doctor’s sound experiment, interferes with the eye chart and causes quite a stink in the Smell Lab.

Then up becomes down as you cruise through Figment’s fluorescent, topsy-turvy house and discover that imagination really does work best when set free!