Kidnapped (1960 Movie)

Kidnapped (1960 Movie)

Kidnapped Description:

In Disney’s Kidnapped, a daring rebel, Alan Breck joins forces with David Balfour in this exciting quest on land and sea for a young man’s rightful inheritance.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Peter Finch: Allan Breck Stewart
  • James MacArthur: David Balfour
  • Bernard Lee: Captain Hoseason
  • John Laurie: Ebenezer Balfour
  • Niall MacGinnis: Mr. Shuan
  • Finlay Currie: Cluny MacPherson
  • Miles Malleson: Mr. Rankeillor
  • Duncan Macrae: The Highlander
  • Andrew Cruickshank: Colin Campbell
  • Peter O’Toole: Robin MacGregor
  • Alex Mackenzie: The Ferryman
  • Oliver Johnston: Mr. Campbell
  • Norman Macowan: Tinker
  • Eileen Way: Jennet Clouston
  • Edie Martin: the woman on the bridge
  • Abe Barker: Donald Dhu MacLaren

Director: Robert Stevenson
Producer: Walt Disney
Writer: Robert Stevenson
Music: Cedric Thorpe Davie

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