Mafia! (Touchstone Movie)

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Mafia! (Touchstone Movie)

Mafia! Details:

Lloyd Bridges rules the underworld as the ruthless, powerful … Godfather Vincenzo Cortino. When the time comes to choose the next Don Cortino, a rivalry breaks out between his two sons: one a war hero and the other a raving psychotic!

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Key Cast:

  • Jay Mohr: Anthony “Tony” Cortino
  • Lloyd Bridges: Vincenzo Armani Windbreaker Cortino
  • Louis Mandylor: young Vincenzo
  • Jason Fuchs: Vincenzo Cortino: a boy
  • Christina Applegate: Diane Steen
  • Billy Burke: Joey Cortino
  • Pamela Gidley: Pepper Gianini
  • Olympia Dukakis: Sophia Cortino
  • Joe Viterelli: Dominick Clamato
  • Tony Lo Bianco: Cesar Marzoni
  • Blake Hammond: Fatso Paulie Orsatti
  • Phil Suriano: Frankie Totino
  • Vincent Pastore: Gorgoni
  • Marisol Nichols: Carla
  • Carol Ann Susi: Mrs. Clamato
  • Gregory Sierra: Bonifacio

Key Crew:

  • Director: Jim Abrahams
  • Producers: Peter Abrams and Robert Levy
  • Writers: Jim Abrahams, Greg Norberg and Michael McManus
$30.1 million

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