Man Of The House (1995 Movie)

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Man Of The House (1995 Movie)

Man Of The House Description:

In Disney’s Man of the House, Chevy Chase is Jack, a guy who’s found the woman of his dreams. Too bad her stubborn 11-year-old son, Ben thinks Jack is a geek! As a test, Ben coaxes Jack into joining the YMCA Indian Guides. Chaos ensues as Jack struggles to prove to Ben that he’s not totally uncool! From rain dancing to building a teepee, Jack will do anything to win Ben’s approval – and his mom’s affection!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Chevy Chase: Jack Sturges (Squatting Dog)
  • Farrah Fawcett: Sandy Archer
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Ben Archer (Little Wing)
  • Jimmy Baker: Young Ben Archer
  • George Wendt: Chet Bronski (Chief Running Horse)
  • Zachary Browne: Norman Bronski (Dark Eagle)
  • David Shiner: Lloyd Small (Silent Thunder)
  • Richard Portnow: Joey Renda
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