Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! (One Saturday Morning Show)

Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! (One Saturday Morning Show)

Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! Description:

Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! was a popular Disney One Saturday Morning children’s show that ran from 2001-2002.

Special Agents Misty and Amber (Mary-Kate and Ashley) fight evil doers around the globe in this action packed animated series. Using high tech gadgets and their own unique sense of style, they perform amazing rescues and protect the planet on these five incredible episodes from their hit series, Mary-Kate and Ashley in ACTION!. Misty and Amber match wits with the notorious cosmetics queen Renee La Rouge. Whether it’s creating mind controlling make-up in Paris, sabotaging a cat show in Cairo, or clowning around at the circus in Quebec, Renee puts Misty and Amber to the ultimate test. Watch as these two super special agents use all their tricks, as only Misty and Amber can, as they Save the World….Again! (source)

Key Cast Members:

  • Mary-Kate Olsen: herself/Special Agent Misty
  • Ashley Olsen: herself/Special Agent Amber
  • Terry Chen: Rodney Choy
  • Michael Heyward: Ivan Quintero
  • Brendan Beiser: Quincy
  • Michael Dobson: Clive Hedgemorton-Smythe
  • Lenore Zann: Renee La Rouge
  • Maggie Blue O’Hara: Romy Bates
  • Samuel Vincent: Capital D
  • Additional characters
  • Kim Hawthorne: Bernice Shaw and Dr. Sandy
  • Jason Connery: Bennington
  • Chris Gray: Oliver Dickens

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