My Boyfriend’s Back (Touchstone Movie)

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My Boyfriend’s Back (Touchstone Movie)

My Boyfriend’s Back Details:

Teenager Johnny Dingle will do anything to keep his date with the hottest girl in school — even come back from the grave! You see, Johnny had the perfect scheme to win the heart of Missy McCloud, the town beauty. Unfortunately, Johnny’s scam goes sour and he winds up dead! Even so, Johnny’s determined to keep his date — unaware of the hilarity waiting for him upon his return! See for yourself why everyone’s dying to see this outlandishly funny comedy!

Key Cast:

  • Andrew Lowery: Johnny Dingle
  • Traci Lind: Missy McCloud
  • Danny Zorn: Eddie
  • Edward Herrmann: Mr. Dingle
  • Mary Beth Hurt: Mrs. Dingle
  • Jay O. Sanders: Sheriff McCloud
  • Libby Villari: Camille McCloud
  • Matthew Fox: Buck Van Patten
  • Philip Hoffman: Chuck Bronski
  • Paul Dooley: Big Chuck
  • Austin Pendleton: Dr. Bronson
  • Cloris Leachman: Maggie the zombie expert
  • Paxton Whitehead: Judge in heaven
  • Matthew McConaughey: Guy #2

Key Crew:

  • Director: Bob Balaban
  • Producer: Sean Cunningham
  • Writer: Dean Lorey
$3.3 million

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