Mystery Alaska (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Mystery Alaska (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Mystery Alaska Details:

A remote hockey-obsessed town populated by 633 of the most eccentric characters you’d ever want to meet, Mystery is the kind of place where nothing ever changes. But then life as they know it gets turned completely upside down! When a publicity stunt brings the world-famous New York Rangers — and the national spotlight — to Mystery for a game with the local team of weekend warriors, the whole town rises to meet the challenge of a lifetime! Russell Crowe, Hank Azaria, and Burt Reynolds lead an incredible all-star cast.


Key Cast:

  • Russell Crowe: Sheriff John Biebe
  • Hank Azaria: Charles Danner
  • Mary McCormack: Donna Biebe
  • Burt Reynolds: Judge Walter Burns
  • Colm Meaney: Mayor Scott R. Pitcher
  • Lolita Davidovich: Mary Jane Pitcher
  • Maury Chaykin: Bailey Pruitt
  • Ron Eldard: Matt “Skank” Marden
  • Michael Buie – Connor Banks
  • Ryan Northcott: Stevie Weeks
  • Beth Littleford: Janice Pettiboe
  • Kevin Durand: “Tree” Lane
  • Scott Grimes: Brian “Birdie” Burns
  • Jason Gray-Stanford: Bobby Michan
  • Adam Beach: Galin Winetka
  • Leroy Peltier – Ben Winetka
  • Cameron Bancroft: “Tinker” Connolly
  • Michael McKean: Mr. Walsh
  • Rachel Wilson: Marla Burns
  • Megyn Price: Sarah Heinz
  • Judith Ivey: Mrs. Joanne Burns
  • Terry David Mulligan: Dr. Henry Savage
  • Mike Myers: Donnie Shulzhoffer
  • Jim Fox: himself
  • Phil Esposito: himself
  • Little Richard: himself
  • L. Scott Caldwell: Judge McGibbons
  • Steve Levy: himself
  • Barry Melrose: himself

Key Crew:

  • Director:  Jay Roach
  • Producer: David Kelley
  • Writer: David Kelley and Sean O’Byrne


$8.89 million

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