Never A Dull Moment (1968 Movie)

Never A Dull Moment (1968 Movie)

Never A Dull Moment Description:

Welcome to the world of Jack Albany – New Yorker, struggling actor – and art thief? He isn’t really, but when a mobster kingpin with his eye on a priceless painting mistakes Albany for a famous West Coast gangster, Jack’s earnest attempts to set the record straight only escalate his involvement in a daring museum robbery in Disney’s Never A Dull Moment .

Key Cast Members:

  • Dick Van Dyke: Jack Albany
  • Edward G. Robinson: Leo Joseph Smooth
  • Dorothy Provine: Sally Inwood
  • Henry Silva: Frank Boley
  • Joanna Cook Moore: Melanie Smooth
  • Tony Bill: Florian
  • Slim Pickens: Cowboy Schaeffer
  • Jack Elam: Ace Williams
  • Ned Glass: Rinzy Tobreski
  • Richard Bakalyan: Bobby Macoon
  • Mickey Shaughnessy: Francis
  • Philip Coolidge: Fingers Felton
  • James Millhollin: Museum Director
$4.1 million
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