Night Crossing (1982 Movie)

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Night Crossing (1982 Movie)

Night Crossing Description:

In the fall of 1979, one of history’s most ingenious and courageous flights to freedom took place when two families fled from Communist East Germany to the West in their own handcrafted hot air balloon. NIGHT CROSSING is the remarkable true story of the Strelzyk and Wetzel families and their daring.

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Key Cast Members:

  • John Hurt: Peter Strelzyk
  • Doug McKeon: Frank Strelzyk
  • Keith McKeon: Fitscher Strelzyk
  • Beau Bridges: Günter Wetzel
  • Jane Alexander: Doris Strelzyk
  • Glynnis O’Connor: Petra Wetzel
  • Klaus Löwitsch: Schmolk
  • Geoffrey Liesik: Peter Wetzel
  • Michael Liesik: Andreas Wetzel
  • Ian Bannen: Josef Keller
  • Anne Stallybrass: Magda Keller
  • Matthew Taylor: Lukas Keller
  • Günter Meisner: Major Koerner
  • Sky Dumont: Ziegler
  • Jan Niklas: Lieutenant Fehler
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