No Deposit No Return (1976 Movie)

No Deposit No Return (1976 Movie)

No Deposit No Return Description:

In Disney’s No Deposit No Return, David Niven stars as a millionaire with two bored grandchildren who fake their own kidnapping, holding themselves for ransom! In cahoots with the kids is a pair of down-on-their-luck safecrackers. It doesn’t take long for the two young pranksters to discover just how impractical a practical joke can be.

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Key Cast Members:

  • David Niven: J.W. Osborne
  • Darren McGavin: Duke
  • Don Knotts: Bert Delaney
  • Herschel Bernardi: Sgt. Max Turner
  • Charles Martin Smith: Longnecker
  • Barbara Feldon: Carolyn Osborne
  • Kim Richards: Tracy Osborne
  • Brad Savage: Jay Osborne
  • John Williams: Jameson
  • Vic Tayback: Big Joe
  • Robert Hastings: Peter
  • Louis Guss: Freddie
  • Richard O’Brien: Capt. Boland
  • Barney Phillips: Sgt. Benson
  • Ruth Manning: Miss Murdock
  • Olive Dunbar: Mrs. Hadley
  • James Hong: Ming Lo
  • Jean Gillespie: Reporter
  • Jack Wells: Reporter
  • Stu Gilliam: Policeman
  • Jack Griffin: Policeman
  • Milt Kogan: Policeman
  • Hank Jones: Banana Cop
  • Iris Adrian: Housewife
  • Henry Slate: Truck Driver
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