Nothing to Lose (Touchstone Movie)

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Nothing to Lose (Touchstone Movie)

Nothing to Lose Details:

Advertising executive Nick Beam (Tim Robbins) has completely bottomed out. His career is a mess, his marriage is on the rocks … and a fast-talking would-be carjacker (Martin Lawrence) has just jumped into his car! So what does he do? Nick throws common sense out the window and turns the tables on his captor! Soon this mismatched pair speeds off on a comical crime spree that includes holdups, high-speed chases, and revenge! NOTHING TO LOSE is a wild comedy success.

Key Cast:

  • Tim Robbins: Nick Beam
  • Martin Lawrence: Terrance Paul “T. Paul” Davidson
  • John C. McGinley: Davis “Rig” Lanlow
  • Giancarlo Esposito: Charles “Charlie” Dunt
  • Michael McKean: Phillip “P.B” Barrow
  • Kelly Preston: Ann Beam
  • Susan Barnes: Delores
  • Rebecca Gayheart: Danielle
  • Samaria Graham: Lisa Davidson
  • Marcus T. Paulk: Joey Davidson
  • Penny Bae Bridges: Tonya Davidson
  • Irma P. Hall: Bertha “Mama” Davidson
  • Caroline Keenan: Ann’s sister
  • Patrick Cranshaw: Henry
  • Steve Oedekerk: Security Guard Baxter
  • Dan Martin: L.A.P.D. Sergeant
  • Jim Meskimen: Business Suit Man

Key Crew:

  • Director: Steve Oedekerk
  • Producers: Martin Bregman, Dan jinks and Michael Mregman
  • Writer Steve Odekerk
$44.4 million

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